Oil field water plugging and profile control pump-Common problem-TPB hydraulic profile injection ,Intelligent profile control inje,Foam injection pry block
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Oil field water plugging and profile control pump

High temperature and high salinity viscosity stabilizer
High temperature, high salt, high shear
Key words: oil-field drilling fluid fracturing fluid for profile control and water shutoff salt sewage ju temperature stabilizer
First, use:
For high temperature and high salinity reservoir conditions and increased drilling, hydraulic fracturing, water, oil viscosity of polymers
1, polymer gel block agent (add 0.4-1%)
Can make joint of polymer type: part hydrolysis polypropylene n amine HPAM, and yellow original rubber polymer, and biological polymer, and propylene n amine modified sex polyvinyl alcohol, and melon, rubber, and cm methyl cellulose, and hydroxyl b base cellulose, and cm methyl half milk dew poly sugar, and hydroxyl b base half milk dew poly sugar, and wood quality sulfonate,, application more of is part hydrolysis polypropylene n amine, this products for temperature reaction type make joint agent.
Apply water and polymer flooding, steam flooding, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, foam flooding water
2, high temperature resistant flooding polymer cross-linking agent (add 0.01-0.3%)
Crosslinkable polymer ibid
3, high temperature fracturing fluid viscosity stabilizers (add 0.01-0.3%)
4, shale gas viscosity stabilizer polymer drag reduction water (add 0.01-0.3%)
5, an oil sand polymer cross-linking agent
6, high temperature polymer drilling fluid viscosity stabilizer
Second, the product advantages
1, does not contain any metal ion, avoid secondary pollution to the environment.
2, does not need to adjust the PH with acid and alkali, fit well in any PH conditions, the profile control and water shutoff in oil field, thermal curing of the polymer gel, in the area of polymer flooding to maintain and increase the viscosity of polymer fluid, substantially increasing production rate.
3, suitable for high-temperature formation (60-200) under the condition of cross-linked polymer gel, and maintain long-term gel (190 ℃, for more than 3 months) stability and, therefore, more suitable for high-temperature deep profile control and water shutoff.
4, suitable for high-salinity formation to maintain cross-linked polymer gel rigidity, such as carbonate and sulfate formation, under total salts salinity of up to 3%, not dehydrated gel contraction.
Therefore, you can use water or sewage of polymer.
5, has a very high cut resistance, stereo of polymer chain cross-linking was cut off, the formation of new polymer colloid.
6, pump longer gel at room temperature, only high temperature reaction gel injected underground.
7, acid, alkali, solvent properties, does not dissolve in the oil phase, and not be influenced by adsorption.

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