Petroleum technology service-TPB hydraulic profile injection ,Intelligent profile control inje,Foam injection pry block
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First, construction services
1, the profile control and oil displacement
2, microspheres injection
3, gathering, transportation and oil sludge recycling
Second, the technical services
1, block oil reservoir geological comprehensive analysis and diagnosis, provide stimulation programme design;
2, has a mature profile, profile, composite drive, nitrogen, foam and other technical research and development, provision of equipment, construction services, comprehensive ability;
3, the company can provide the well water design, design, production and integration of mobile water treatment and to skid-mounted injection unit to meet the water needs of oilfield water injection well in remote, does not need to construct a fixed water injection station, saving investment.


Contact:Mr Zhang Phone:+8613905342326 Phone:86-0534-2625088 Fax:86-0534-2627788
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